rejestracja firmy

Company registration

Setting up your business with AFK is no problem. Step by step, we will support you in having your business registered. With AFK you will set up your business in no time. We offer business registration, rental of company address, support by an accountant and support of a business consultant at business registration.

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usługi księgowe

Accounting services

We settle, advice, optimise taxes, provide HR and payroll services. We provide accounting services to a sole proprietorship, micro-enterprises, start-ups, medium-sized enterprises, limited liability and joint-stock companies. Our accounting services are used by public benefit organisations, including foundations and associations. In a reliable manner and for low fees we keep: revenue and expense ledgers, tax cards, records of sales, records of vehicle logbooks and books of account. We will also prepare financial statements.

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HR and payroll wrocław

HR and payroll

It is people who are behind a company’s success. That is why it is important to outsource HR and payroll services to a tested and experienced accountancy office. AFK has been providing HR and payroll services for over ten years. We administer payroll processes and HR management. We keep optimising our operations. We work in an HR and payroll system called enova. Our tasks include, among other things: making payroll, calculation of wages, calculation of annual leaves, notifications to ZUS, settlement of bills, business trips, drafting contracts, etc. We provide complete outsourcing services of HR and payroll.

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wirtualne biuro

Virtual Office

Learn about the comfort of comprehensive administrative services for your business and move to the Business Zone at AFK. Our Virtual Office provides outsourcing of office services. We register businesses at our address. As a result, a business gets an address for their registered office without being physically present. Businesses also get an address for correspondence. We scan any incoming correspondence and forward it to the specified e-mail address. We also provide other complementary services to businesses like accounting, HR and payroll, just to mention a few. With our Virtual Office, you will significantly reduce costs related to office rental and hiring office staff.

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Good Accountancy Office in Wrocław

AFK Accountancy Office in Wrocław provides comprehensive accounting services to businesses (accounting of companies and foundations and sole proprietorships, HR and payroll services) and administration services. We carry out full accounting, including books of account, revenue and expense ledgers, flat-rate records, records of fixed assets and intangible assets, records of equipment and VAT records. We prepare financial statements and reports. We hold accounting and tax audits and we exercise direct accounting supervision. In the sphere of HR services, we keep HR and payroll services, including complete employee documentation, including inter alia: employee files and working time records, and we prepare payroll. Additionally, we offer virtual office services with the rental of company address in Wrocław (for registered office), and we rent conference rooms and training rooms as well as handle the company’s mail.

Why is it worth using the services of AFK accountancy office?

  • Outsourcing of accounting services is our domain – we perform full and simplified accounting for companies, foundations and associations.
  • We have over 20 years of experience in accounting, tax and management services and in controlling.
  • So far, we have had over 350 companies as customers..
  • We employ over 20 specialists from various areas so you can count on professional accounting advice and support by accountants.
  • We offer support in business registration.
  • We operate a virtual office and rent addresses for registered offices of companies in Wrocław.
  • We work with a modern ERP enova365 system which translates into safety and short time of the provided accounting services and HR and payroll services.

Who are our accounting services addressed to?

Accounting for start-ups and small companies

The accounting services provided by AFK Accountancy Office are well suited for very small companies, e.g. freelancers, professionals and start-ups. When we take care of your accounting needs, you may focus on developing your business and do whatever you love most.

Accounting for medium-sized enterprises

Our accounting services are an excellent choice to outsource accounting services for medium-sized enterprises. When you commission accounting services to AFK Accountancy Office, you are certain that accounting, HR and payroll will be handled at the top level in line with the applicable regulations.

Accounting for foundations and associations

Foundations and associations must follow their statutory objectives. When you commission accounting services for NGOs to AFK Accountancy Office you may focus on the objectives of your NGO without being concerned with financial matters.

Here below, you can find the price list of our accounting services:


Accounting – coverage

With the accounting services of AFK Accountancy Office , you may focus on what is really important in your business. We will handle your accounting and records, prepare financial statements, hold financial audits and advise should a problem arise.

Accounting services from A to Z:

HR and payroll services – coverage

HR services

AFK Accountancy Office provides comprehensive HR services. Our services related to comprehensive handling of employees include inter alia: preparation of documents related to hiring (employment contracts, termination notices, employment certificates), preparation of documentation confirming employment history (employees’ personal files), referring employees to preliminary medical check-ups, supervision over working time, annual leaves and sick leaves.


The tasks of AFK Accountancy Office in the area of payroll include inter alia: calculation of employees’ salaries (preparing payroll) and transfer of salaries to employees’ accounts, settlement of working time and official holidays, stand-by work and private leaves.

Complete outsourcing of HR and payroll

Your company can also use comprehensive HR and payroll services (HR and payroll) since AFK Accountancy Office is able to provide complete outsourcing of HR and payroll services. You commission the services to us, and we professionally take care of HR and finances of your company.

Over 350 companies have trusted us. We service:

  • Start-ups
  • Associations
  • Cooperatives
  • Foundations
  • Partnerships
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Commercial companies
  • State-budget entities

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