Regulations of

Subject of the Regulations

  1. These regulations apply to the web site of AFK Business Service Centre at and and they set forth:
  1. terms and conditions of service usage and functioning,
  2. rights and duties of service users,
  3. rights and responsibilities of service provider.
  1. The Service is used free of charge.
  2. The services listed therein are provided subject to a separate contract.
  3. All the prices of the services specified on the web sites are net prices unless specified otherwise.

Glossary of terms

  1. The terms used in these regulations shall have the following meaning:
  1. Service Provider – AFK Centrum Obsługi Biznesu Sp. z o.o. (AFK COB) with its registered office in Wrocław (50-559), ul. Świeradowska 51/57, entered to the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for Wrocław Fabryczna in Wrocław, 6th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000327942, NIP: 8992664769.
  2. Enova365 – external ERP system, owned by Soneta sp. z o. o. (NIP (Tax Identification Number: 679-27-05-304, REGON: 356381673, KRS: 0000109244)
  3. Authorised distributor of ERP software enova365. AFK Centrum Obsługi Biznesu Sp. z o.o.
  4. Customer panel – login place to enova365. The rules of login to enova365 (login and password) and the use of ERP are set forth by Soneta sp. z o.o
  1. Service – web service located at and .
  2. Price List – net Price List of services published on the web site.
  3. Regulations – this document along with appendices constituting an integral part hereof.
  4. Services – services within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services, consisting in providing in the Service of information on business activity, including inter alia on finances, accounting, rental services, training, and ERP.
  5. User – an entrepreneur within the meaning of Art. 431 of the Civil Cope, using the Service.

Technical requirements

  1. In order to use the Service, a device is required with Internet access and a web browser; additionally, an e-mail account is required to request a conversation or send a message.
  2. Users or other people visiting the Service shall ensure that they have such devices and software and an e-mail address.

Conclusion and termination of contracts for the provision of Services

  1. Agreements for the provision of Information Services is deemed to have been concluded when the Service URL address is entered to the web browser and terminated when the Service site is closed.

Registration and contact forms

  1. In order to contact the Service provider with the call order form or the contact form, the User shall be obliged to specify in such forms their first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name and tick off their consent to have their personal data processed. Successful completion of the above actions will generate contact with the Service Provider.
  2. In order for the Service Provider to commence providing Services, the User has to accept the Regulations without any objection. It is not permitted to exclude any specific provisions of the Regulations subject to any conditions whatsoever.

Service functionality

  1. The Service presents the scope of operations, offer of services, prices of services, contact details of the Service Provider, and presents content useful in business operation in the area of accountancy and broadly understood business operations.
  2. The Service may publish advertisements and other promotional materials from the Service Provider or its cooperating entities.
  3. Users may use the Service via a desktop computer or a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet).

Users’ obligations

  1. Users are obliged to provide their true personal and contact data in the forms published in the Service as required for the correct provision of the Services. Users shall be held fully responsible for any breach of the above duty.
  2. Users and any other persons visiting the Service shall be obliged to use the Service in compliance with applicable laws and good habits; in particular, they shall be obliged to respect third party personal rights and intellectual property rights.
  3. In order to protect their interests, Users shall keep in confidence all access data to the Customer Panel. When the User loses the data, it is possible to recover the Username and generate a new Password. To this end, follow the instructions of the ERP software provider (Sonata sp. z o.o.)
  4. The Service Provider shall be entitled to suspend or block the User’s access to the Service when the User violates provisions of the Regulations or when their actions may pose a hazard to the security of the data collected in the Service or when their actions are detrimental to the Service Provider’s reputation or of the Service.

Liability of the Service Provider

  1. The Service is only a support to business operations of the User.
  2. The Service Provider notes that the use of the Service shall be at the expense and risk of the visitors and the Service Provider shall not be held liable for any business activity pursued by the User.
  3. The Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of the Services in case of any failure or technical modernisation of the Service. Any suspension of the IT Services shall not generate any liability on the part of the Service Provider.
  4. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the content of any advertisements or promotional materials published in the Service or distributed among the Users as part of advertising services on behalf of other entities by the Service Provider.
  5. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any losses that may result from incorrect operation of the devices or software of the User or any other visitors to the Service.
  6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any losses that may result from any disclosure by the User of access data to the Customer Panel to third parties.
  7. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any losses that may result from any use or incorrect operation of the Service or any incorrect use of the Service by the User and other visitors to the Service unless such losses result from willful acts of the Service Provider.
  8. The Service provider shall not be liable for the use of the Service by the User or any other visitor to the Service in a manner contrary to applicable laws, including in a manner contrary to the provisions of the Regulations.
  9. The content published in the Service does not constitute any legal, accounting or tax-related advice and are only of a general information nature without any relationship to any specific User.

Complaint handling procedure

  1. In order to be valid, any complaints on the part of the User or other visitors to the Service may be filed in writing to the address specified by the Service Provider or via e-mail to:
  2. Complaints shall specify a detailed description of the event underlying the complaints, the User’s first and last name and e-mail address of the User or the visitor to the Services.
  3. The Service Provider shall review complaints within 14 days of receipt unless additional information is required by the Service Provider to review the complaint. In such situation, the 14-day period runs from the provision of such additional information.
  4. The response to the complaint shall be sent solely to the e-mail address specified in the reported complaint.

Protection of intellectual property

  1. The content, multimedia images and trademarks published in the Service constitute works within the meaning of the Act of 04 February 1994 on Copyright and Related rights, and as such are subject to legal protection.
  2. Use of the Service by the User or any other visitor to the Service shall not be deemed as acquisition by them of any rights of any intangible rights to the published works.
  3. I it prohibited to copy or modify any part of the Service in whole or in part or to modify or use such content in a manner other than specified in the Regulations without prior written approval by the Service Provider.
  4. The User provides their free consent to use – for marketing purposes – any opinions drafted by them and made public or sent to the Service Provider – including opinions containing their image, first and last name or nick of the User – and related to the services offered by the Service Provider or its related entities. The above consent relates in particular to opinions published by Users on the social profiles of the Service Provider or its related entities (e.g. Facebook) and in sectoral portals (e.g. Google) and in any correspondence with the Service Provider’s employees or associates.

Final provisions

  1. The test of the Regulations is published in the Service and may be saved to a medium or printed at any time.
  2. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the Regulations and the Price List; no modifications to the Price List shall affect the provision of Services that have already been paid for.
  3. The modifications referred to above shall become effective as soon as the Regulations in the new wording are published in the Service.
  4. These regulations become effective on 29.10.2018.