EPR software (enova365)

We implement ERP class expert software to manage businesses – enova365.

AFK Business Service Centre is an authorised representative of enova365. This is a high-class ERP software supporting company’s business in many areas, inter alia: accounting, HR, payroll, ordering, automatic handling of orders and full inventory control.

enova365 is the first ERP system delivered to users in two ways: locally and in a private or public cloud (in the subscription model). The software is updated on an ongoing basis; users may adjust the view and handling of the interface to their individual preferences.

enova365 modules have a common database and therefore each of them “is aware” of operations in the other parts of the system. Additionally, saving made in the work procedure system prevents outflow of know-how from the company and enhances its competitive edge.

Benefits from implementation of enova365:


Remote access to the Customer panel of Accountancy Office

You gain remote access to all material information on your business or NGO, inter alia: accounting date related to taxes and financial reporting, data on settlements and information on fixed assets.

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Fast implementation of tested solutions

It is up to you what you want to have implemented – you select from among several dozen available basic, additional modules, panels, inter alia: CRM, Trade, Invoices, HR and Payroll, Tax Book, Trading Book, Inventory Book, Collection, Production, Service, Analyses.

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Savings of time and resources

Process and service automation and standardisation as a result of enova365 implementation will support informed decisions, will generate real financial savings and eliminate human errors of employees.

  • CRM - Cooperate with customers and counterparties.
  • Trade - Have your trading operations documented with counterparties in one place.
  • Projects - Plan and manage projects with just one tool.
  • Invoices - Issue invoice and define prices and various reports.
  • Trade Representative - Work out of any place and have access to the full history of contacts with Customers and develop stable relations with Customers.
  • HR and payroll - Manage human resources with full access to complete information on employees.
  • Tax Book - Book documents in your own revenue and expense ledgers (KPiR).
  • Trading Book - Book documents and control your company's finances on the basis of a system of accounts.
  • Inventory Book - Hold records of your company's assets, generate reports and analyses.
  • Collection - Control of receivables from your counterparties and collect overdue payments.
  • Workflow - Automate your processes and simple activities in order to enhance the workflow in your company.
  • DMS - Accelerate your workflow between various departments and employees and get a quick view.
  • Business Intelligence - On an ongoing basis, generate business indicators and reports.
  • Production - Control production and supervise manufacturing costs.
  • Service - Carry on service and comprehensively handle maintenance orders.
  • Training - Plan training, automate the handling process of trainees and keep all information in one place.
  • Members - Manage members of the organisation and automate the calculation and control process of inflowing contributions.
  • View - Monitor the results of work due to fast access to reports.
  • Analytical description - Activation Use controlling description of trading, inventory and HR documents in your work.
  • Rental - Manage rentals in a module integrated with the other system areas.
  • EŚP estimates [cash records] - Project payments and control financial flow plans.
  • Business trips - Record, book and control costs of business trips.
Additional modules
  • MS Excel analyses - Make accounting and financial analyses on the basis of source data from enova365.
  • Public sector units - Keep complete records of budgetary revenues and expenses.
  • Electronic bank statements - Gain access to current data on account balances without having to login to the bank.
  • Virtual bank accounts - Automate payments and settlements and reduce handing fees.
  • Booking imports - Enhance the booking of documents with documents imported from a dedicated database or another system.
  • Booking exports - Save time by exporting accounting documents to a dedicated database or another system.
  • Expatriates - Settle the salaries of domestic staff and expatriates.
  • University staff - Manage HR and payroll for academic staff.
  • Prosecutor's office staff - Keep HE for Prosecutors.
  • Employees and project costs - Distribute employee salaries and analyse costs project by project.
  • Lending Funds Settlements - Settle lending funds.
  • Working time - Enhance handling of employees with a simple import, planning and implementing and recording working standards and working time for multiple employees at the same time.
  • Manager's platform - Gain access to essential information from various areas of your company's business in the form of charts in one place.
  • Work with multiple bases - Get a possibility to manage multiple databases within one enova365 licence from the master base.
  • Manage working clothes - Control inventories of employees' working clothes and equipment and monitor the time of use of each assortment.
  • SMS - Record working time of multiple employees at the same time.
  • Manager's platform - Manage essential information from various areas of the company.
  • Work with multiple bases - Manage multiple bases from the enova365 master base.
  • Manage working clothes - Manage employees' equipment, control inventories of working clothes and monitor periods of use.
  • SMS - Communicate with your Customers and employees.
  • CRM Outlook - Export incoming and outgoing e-mail messages from Outlook to enova365.
  • EDI Integrator - With the mechanism of the enova365 integrator, integrate external tools with the system.
  • e-Sklep connector - Handle orders from the web store in enova365.
  • eFaktura GreenMail24 - Send invoices on-line.
  • Zebra label printer - Define your own label templates and print them individually or in series.
  • DYMOPrinter and BrotherPrinter label printers - Define your own label templates and print them individually or in series.
  • Task scheduling - Upload your own task schedule and monitor its progress.
  • E-mail - Keep your company mail in enova365.
  • OCR integration - Upload scanned documents to enova365 and save them in appropriate accounting records.
  • Employee panel - Provide your employees with access to their HR data.
  • Manager's panel - Provide managers with access to employee data.
  • Edit Calendar in Employee panel - Provide employees with a possibility to enter working standards and time directly.
  • Counterparty panel - Provide your counterparties with a new communication channel with access to orders and documents.
  • Customer panel of the Accountancy Office - Platform for electronic communication between the Accountancy Office and its Customers.
  • Workflow in panels - Expand the functionalities of the basic panel to Employee panel, Counterparty panel and Customer panel of the Accountancy Office.

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