HR and payroll – complete outsourcing of HR and payroll

HR services

AFK Accountancy Office drafts contracts related to the hiring of employees on the basis of employment contracts or civil law contracts. As part of our HR services, we keep employees’ personal files. We manage the documentation related to employment history and working time records of employees. We stay in contact and maintain correspondence with ZUS (registration, deregistration).

HR services also include the keeping of an OH&S training register, referring employees to periodic medical check-ups and maintenance of documentation related to annual leaves.


Payroll services at AFK Accountancy Office consist of calculation salaries and drafting payrolls under employment contracts. We also prepare payrolls under civil law contracts.

We also generate tax documentation, inter alia: monthly tax returns (PIT-4, PIT-8A), annual reports (PIT-11, PIT-4R), settlements (PIT-40).

Complete outsourcing of HR and payroll

We also offer complete outsourcing of HR and payroll – that is HR and payroll services for companies or institutions. Additionally, we make all kinds of analyses, for instance: analyses of employment structures and salary levels. We also advise in the area of HR management, labour law, and social insurance. We may represent the company in case of inspections by ZUS or Chief Labour Inspectorate (PIP).

Our HR and payroll services further include preparation and handling of documentation relating to the hiring of disabled persons.


Outsourcing of HR and payroll – example:

  • Substitution of HR and payroll staff during long absences.
  • Administration of employees’ personal files.
  • Preparation of documentation related to hiring under employment contracts.
  • Preparation of documentation for civil law contracts (commissioning contracts, special task contracts, managerial contracts).
  • Drafting of additional contracts to employment contracts, including inter alia: no-competition agreements, agreements on employee’s financial liability, agreements on the use of cars and telephones for business purposes.
  • Registration and deregistration of employees with ZUS (Płatnik program).
  • Keeping records of working time and absences of employees.
  • Control of validity dates of medical check-ups, sanitary and epidemiological check-ups, OH&S training.
  • Drafting of employment certificates and other employment-related documents, e.g. RP-7.
  • Calculation of salaries in compliance with applicable laws, rules of remuneration regulations and the Customer’s internal regulations.
  • Calculation of financial benefits in relation to employment termination (equivalent for unused annual leave, severance payments, compensation for shortened notice periods, etc.).
  • Settlement of civil law contracts.
  • Preparing packets of transfers of salaries and transfer to public institutions to be authorised by the Customer.
  • Preparation of payslips for employeesh.
  • Preparation of salary certificates.
  • Performing all activities related to seizure of employees’ salaries.
  • Preparation of declarations to ZUS.
  • Preparing tax returns to Tax Authorities: PIT-11, PIT 4, PIT 8AR, IFT-1.
  • Preparing reports to GUS, PFRON, SODiR.
  • Drafting internal regulations, such as: Working Regulations, Remuneration Regulations, ZFŚS Regulations (Company Social Benefit Fund) and internal regulations and procedures for the Customer.
  • Upon the Customer’s request, drafting the required reports and specifications, for instance related to salaries.
  • Correspondence with court bailiffs.
  • Representation of the Customer during controls and tax inspections by tax authorities and internal revenue control bodies.

HR and payroll services – benefits:

bezpośredni kontakt

Services by an experienced HR specialist

Combined with the support of an accountant and business advisor – a strong triple support to your business.

pulpit klienta

Handling in a modern HR and payroll system – enova365

You will get remote access to enova365 which will automate and optimise your HR and payroll handling.

oszczedność czasu

Savings of time and resources

You will be benefiting from our staff, our know-how, experience, and infrastructure to develop your business.


HR services




Complete outsourcing of HR and payroll

HR and payroll – price list

HR and payroll – from PLN 40/person*

*The price is an indicative net price per 1 employee per month.

The final price will be set individually for each Customer and depends on the form of the employment contract of each staff members and the scope of services provided.

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