• tax and accounting reviews

  • HR and payroll reviews


AFK Accountancy Office provides ad-hoc and periodic audit services. We perform audits of books of accounts, reviews of financial statements and HR and payroll documentation.

Advantages of AFK audits:


Reviews of books of account and financial statements

You get a detailed review of your finances, starting from the issued VAT/ VAT-UE, to PIT, CIT and VAT returns, and to entries in the books of account and financial statements.


Review of HR and payroll documentation

You are provided with support in developing application documents for projects supported with European Union funds and additional assistance in settling projects funded with EU grants.

bezpośredni kontakt

Direct contact with accountants, HR specialists and advisors

You are getting a strong triple specialist support for your business or NGO.

Examples of audit services:

  • Control of entries to the revenue and expense ledgers in compliance with the Regulation on KPiR.
  • Control of entries to the books of account in compliance with the Accounting Act.
  • Control of entries to the VAT purchase and sales registers, in compliance with the Act on VAT
  • Verification of calculations in PIT, CIT, VAT returns.
  • Control of appropriate taxation of cross-border transactions, including intra-Community purchases of goods and intra-Community deliveries of goods and import of services.
  • Review of agreements and contracts affecting the correct execution of economic events.
  • Verification of the issued VAT invoices for compliance with the company’s business objects and registration documents.
  • Verification of the issued VAT invoices for correct application of VAT rates.
  • Verification of booking of payroll and compliance of taxation applied to employee benefits with book entries.
  • Verification of correct accounting for domestic and foreign business trips.
  • Verification of correct booking of accruals and prepayments – RMK.
  • Verification of accounting orders documents – PK.
  • Reviews of cash reports – RK and bank statements – WB and verification if they are booked correctly.
  • Verification of correct accounting for FX profit/loss.
  • Review of internal regulations and verification if they are correctly applied.
  • Verification of existing employee documentation.
  • Verification of calculation and approval of annual, maternity and child-rearing leaves.
  • Control of work time records.
  • Verification of registration forms sent to ZUS and modifications and adjustments thereto.
  • Verification of documents for civil law contracts and an analysis of their application.
  • Verification of payrolls under civil law contracts.
  • Verification of calculation of salaries and sick leave benefits.
  • Verification of calculation of other salary components.
  • Verification of settlement documents and adjustments thereto.
  • Other verification operations as requested by the Customer.

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