Monitoring of receivables

We keep monitoring of receivables on an ongoing basis.

AFK Accountancy Office not only keeps monitoring overdue receivables. It additionally implements a procedure to manage receivables and perform collection activities, inter alia: drafting requests for payment, interest notes, compensation letters and arrangements for instalment repayments; in disputes cases, court proceedings are initiated.

Benefits from the services provided by AFK Accountancy Office:


Regular monitoring of receivables

You obtain excellent tools to prevent delays in payment of receivables, inter alia regularly we keep reminding counterparties of any delayed payments.


Legal actions to collect receivables

You are provided with professional support in court claiming of your receivables.

bezpośredni kontakt

Direct contact with accountants, HR specialists and advisors

You are getting a strong triple specialist support for your business or NGO.

Examples of collection services:

  • Implementation of receivables management procedures.
  • Ongoing updates of settlement balances with counterparties.
  • Sending requests for payment.
  • Drafting of interest notes.
  • Drafting of compensation letters.
  • Amicable collection of receivables.
  • Structuring instalment repayments.
  • Collection of debt in court litigation.

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