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AFK Accountancy Office – in cooperation with certified tax advisors and renowned law firms – provides comprehensive solutions ensuring business development and security.

Benefits from the advisory services provided by AFK Accountancy Office:


Financial consulting

You will obtain detailed advice on the tax payable by you, inter alia: CIT, VAT, PIT, real estate tax.


Tax consulting

You will be provided with support as may be required to optimise your taxes, draft applications for individual tax rulings and our appearance in courts in matters related to your tax matters.


Legal consulting

You will be provided with legal support in any other matters related to the functioning of your business of NGO, such as economic or labour law.

Examples of consulting services provided by AFK:

  • Advice of public law obligations related to the company’s current business, inter alia: corporate income tax, personal income tax, VAT, real estate tax, civil law tax.
  • Drafting of legal and tax-related opinions, interpretations and clarifications with respect to the applicable tax regulations.
  • Advice on tax planning and tax optimisation.
  • Development, implementation and pursuance of tax strategies.
  • Advice on the application of instruments of tax and balance-sheet policies.
  • Drafting and analysis of contracts in terms of tax optimisation.
  • Drafting legal letters.
  • Representation of the Customer in relation to their affairs with tax authorities and internal revenue control bodies.
  • Contacts on behalf of the Customer with other public administration bodies.
  • Participation in inspection, tax or treasury proceedings as a plenipotentiary or advisor to the Customer.
  • Application on behalf of the Customer to the Minister of Finance for binding tax rulings.
  • Representing the Customer in the Supreme Administrative Court and provincial administrative courts.
  • Performing tax reviews.
  • Advice on pricing policies.
  • Drafting of transfer pricing documentation.
  • Performing structural transformations, inter alia: mergers, acquisitions, splits, the contribution of an enterprise in kind, changes of legal form.
  • Support in the resolution of legal problems related to the company’s business objects.
  • Drafting and providing opinion to business contracts, cooperation agreements.
  • Drafting of articles of association of partnerships, commercial companies, annexes thereto.
  • Advice on labour law.
  • Consulting and drafting of working regulations, remuneration regulations and managerial contracts.
  • Ongoing advice on collection of receivables.
  • Sending requests for payment on behalf of the Customer.
  • Consulting on personal data.
  • Preparation of documents for Annual General Meetings.

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