Tax card

What is a tax deduction card?

A tax card is associated with the payment of a fixed amount of tax regardless of the income obtained.

Who is the tax card for?

Taxation with a tax card is a solution for companies with a small number of employees, but not for all. This form of taxation is limited to taxpayers who run a strictly defined type of company, e.g.:

  • hairdresser
  • gastronomy,
  • are freelancers, e.g.: doctor
  • provide educational services, e.g. lessons by the hour,
  • provide transport services.

What formalities should be fulfilled when choosing a tax card?

To be subject to this form of taxation, the taxpayer must submit an appropriate application on the PIT-16 form to the competent tax office, no later than January 20 of the current year. In the event of changing the form of taxation to a tax card, the taxpayer must submit a similar application at the same time.

The same deadline applies to the taxpayer when he wants to change the form of taxation from a tax card to another.

Where can I find a complete list of professions and tax card rates?

In announcement of the Minister of Finance of November 27, 2018 (Item 1172) on the tax card rates in force in 2020, you can see the full list of professions covered by the tax card and the rates applicable in 2020.

Tax Card – Price List

Tax card fee starting from PLN 130*

*The price is an indicative net price.

The final price is subject to the nature of the company’s business and the number of processed documents.

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